Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What are the benefits of implants?

Implants can replace the loss of a natural tooth without the need to wear neighboring teeth for the preparation of a fixed prosthesis or removível.Em cases of partial dentures, this can be replaced by implants you get,without prejudice or overhead brackets on teeth natural. This allows a considerable increase in the lifetime of these teeth, as there is a better distribution of masticatory loading between teeth and implants.
In addition, due to the fact of the prostheses remained stable in its position, common situations, such as irritation of the gums, pain and insecurity due to lack of stability and retention of partial or full dentures areeliminadas.Para edentulous, the use of implants carries benefits to their quality of life. The "teeth" standardcan sometimes be replaced with prosthetics you stay on implants, or removable prosthesis (overdenture)that have better retention and stability for added comfort and security to its bearer.

What happens if an implant fails?

The success rate currently exceeds 95% and technique is constantly evolving, improving on one hand thesurgical phase and the other improving the aesthetics of próteses.Portanto, our statistics will overcomingparticular these inclusive results.
Currently, if an implant fails it is possible to replace it, solving the problem or using bone grafts to improve the anchoring of the implant.

Boy believes that smile again

Dentist extracted all the teeth of Cesar Oliveira Ferreira. Now he tries to adapt to new life, while the case is not resolved

Pending the outcome of some tests and preparing for other examinations essential for defining the direction of their dental treatment, the student Cesar Oliveira Ferreira, 17, will try to adapt to the reality that was imposed after the surgery that left him without any teeth. The teenager, who has a mental disability, according to the father, caused by problems during labor, stopped going to school and had to replace the normal diet of liquids.

"I'm just eating soup," he said yesterday morning to PEOPLE. The return to school in the Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children (Handicapped), according to him, is being delayed due to treatment. But despite the unexpected changes, Caesar is optimistic that smile again and lead a normal life. "I'm more relaxed," said the boy.

A resident of Fern (DF), he had the teeth pulled out in a surgery performed on Sept. 24 by the dentist Wilson Oliveira Santos, at the Hospital Regional da Asa Norte (Hrani), Brasilia (DF). With two wisdom teeth affected by decay, the teenager should have just had these teeth extracted. But the waking up, he realized that his teeth had been removed 28. "When I woke up with no teeth and I was nervous," said Cesar, who only met the dentist on the day of operation.

Wide mobilization to solve case

Cesar Oliveira Ferreira, 17, said the dentist Wilson Oliveira Santos claimed that the patient had a "pathology" to justify radical surgery. The case went to the police, the Regional Council of Dentistry of the Federal District (DF-CRO) and mobilized the Federal District Governor Jose Roberto Arruda.

After visiting the family of a teenager last week, the governor said the state is responsible for repairing the damage done and investigate, punish those responsible. A team of Health Department of the DF is responsible for dealing with Caesar. Councillors CRO-DF are also following the service guy.

"He's taking care of very skilled professionals," said Alfredo Ferreira Vieira, Cesar's father, confident in the successful treatment of the child. In the coming days, Caesar must undergo a CT scan. The chairman of CRO-DF, Julius Caesar, all features of dentistry will be used to recover the oral health of adolescents. A resource may be the implantation of 26 of 28 teeth extracted.

Delegate if that clears heard witnesses

Yesterday morning, Alfredo Ferreira Vieira and Maria Oliveira Aldenora, parents of Cesar Oliveira Ferreira, were at the Police Precinct 5 of the Federal District (DF), which clears the case. The delegate Laertius Rossetto heard some witnesses. He said the date of the testimony of the dentist Wilson Oliveira Santos has not been set. The delegate informed the press that the dentist can respond to criminal prosecution for very serious injury.

Wilson Oliveira Santos may suffer a punishment, and ethical and professional until you have revoked the right to pursue dentistry. The Regional Council of Dentistry of the Federal District (DF-CRO) is investigating whether there was failure to conduct. "It's a professional respect that has been operating for over 10 years in the Department of Health and has full right of defense," said the president of the CRO-DF

Dental implant price

The cost of implants varies greatly from case to case. There are simple and uncomplicated implants and there are extremely complicated. They can be made with resin teeth with porcelain or pureThere is also thenational and imported (which are better and more expensive)and also of various sizes and thicknesses, which will depend on the patient's bone structureIt is necessary to observe what is best suited to the client and the personal choices of each person.

Also one must take into account that the greater the number of implants to be placed, the lower the final price. In general the price ranges from one thousand, two thousand dollars and five thousand dollars. Butthere are always ways of tradingdepending on the caseBecause treatment will only be ready in two orthree months there are alternatives to long-term paymentThere is also cost-effectiveWhen viewed all recommended maintenance, implants can last up to five years.

Free Dental Implants

If for some the year only starts after Carnival, so many began only in March. Brazilian culture is a difficult to change. Actually we are starting the year in earnest this week. Hopefully with all the batteries are rechargedwith a lot of energy to make this one of the best years of their lives.
But for us to start the year well, the most important are patient to place implants or make your dentures. Togeneral practice the situation is difficult for implants (was written in the plural), is even harder (whichsingular). And something must be done to change and not wait for better days, which do not.
If patients do not come from spontaneous generation, the old theory of Charles Darwin, we need togenerate them by artificial insemination, or stem cells as it is more fashionable, using concepts ofmarketing Philip Kotler.

For they do not perceive a need, we have to be subtle. And modern. To do so is a suitable implant-basedinformation system, linked to your database. Fast and cheap, almost free. See how easy it is.

Dental implant can be faster and cheaper

A new material created by researchers at the Institute of Biological Sciences, Federal University of Minas Gerais (ICB / UFMG) may shorten the recovery time of dental implants in people who have had bone loss.

Using carbon nanotubes and hyaluronic acid, the researchers came up with a new material that can reduce the three months to six weeks healing time. After trying unsuccessfully to use acid separately, they decided to coat the titanium implants used in carbon nanotubes associated with hyaluronic acid.

"Titanium is actually a support, is a kind of steel that connects two parts. In our experiment, and unite end to end, we promote healing. What is the biological effect is hyaluronic acid. We created a new material mixing the nanotube and acid alone degrades very quickly in contact with saliva and blood, "explains lead author, Joseph Anderson Ferreira, Department of Morphology of the ICB.

In addition to reducing the healing time, carbon nanotubes should also reduce the costs of the procedure.

According to Ferreira, the nanotube is an expensive material, but the amount used in the procedures is very small, which makes it viable. "Our expectation is that the price drop further with the implementation of the Technology Center of UFMG Nanotubes" he says.

During the experiment, the researchers also ended up developing new uses for an old material. "The nanotube is presented in the form of a gel, which makes it very unstable in an oral environment. With the carbon nanotube, we put the material into a bar shape, sponge and powder. This eases the way of use, increasing the biological characteristic of the substance to promote healing, "he says.

Now researchers coordinated by Anderson Ferreira already working to multiply the use of carbon nanotubes "functionalized" with hyaluronic acid for bone defects larger and more complex. "When you extract a tooth is a cavity formed bone, but this is a small defect. We want to explore major defects. In brief, studies will be made using

College offers free dental treatment

Have you taken a beautiful smile today? There is no better way to win people's sympathy. When it comes to getting a job, then, is fundamental: who hires someone who is always frowning? Sometimes, the lack of a smile has nothing to do with mood. It is ashamed to show his teeth.

Dental treatment is not cheap, but there is a place where you can get some free dental treatment. It is the Faculty of Dentistry of Recife (FOR), in Arthur Street Coutinho, 143, Santo Amaro, Recife.

Through the clinic's social, the Faculty offers services such as fillings, extractions, root canals, among others, in order to socialize the treatment and make it accessible to people with low incomes. The focus is on dental implant. The service is part of the practical module specialization course in implantology.

To meet those interested in treatment, clinical social has a team of ten students and two professors of specialization. The average capacity of service is 15 implant surgeries, said the coordinator of FOR in Recife, Tereza Frazão.

The implant treatment is indicated in patients who have lost one or more dental elements by extensive caries, periodontal disease (softening of the teeth), a fractured tooth (crown or root), unsuccessful dental treatment (root canal therapy, crowns, fillings etc..) and dental injuries (accidents).

The time of implant treatment may be variable and depend on several factors. Among these, a major bone is the amount available to allow the installation of an implant. The integration time of a graft taken from the patient is six months, and the bone bank grafts, which require a greater integration time is 10 months.

Conventional treatment involves the installation of implants and later, you must wait a period of osseointegration for four to six months depending on the region (mandible or maxilla, respectively).

After the integration period of the implant requires a second surgery consisting of a small cut in the gum in order to expose the implant in the oral cavity through the installation of a healer. This second surgery is simple and fast, which will, after 20 to 30 days, the procedures for molding and making of the prosthesis.

There are treatments that are immediate, ie, the patient is undergoing surgery and installation of implants immediately after surgery an implant is made, reducing the treatment time. The value of this approach is increased by having numerous benefits. Regardless of the type of treatment, the main objective is to restore esthetics and chewing for all patients.

The screening service will be held for those interested in the next 12 days, 13 and 14 August in Clinical Social own. It is not necessary to prove the social situation to be served. The clinic offers all the social dental service, including general practitioners and other specialties within dentistry. The phone is (81) 3423-7553 - Ext: 24.

You can also get care in free clinics attached to the other two courses in dentistry that exist in Recife. At the University of Pernambuco (UPE), the info phone number is (81) 3184-7661. And at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) number is (81) 2126-7508.