Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Boy believes that smile again

Dentist extracted all the teeth of Cesar Oliveira Ferreira. Now he tries to adapt to new life, while the case is not resolved

Pending the outcome of some tests and preparing for other examinations essential for defining the direction of their dental treatment, the student Cesar Oliveira Ferreira, 17, will try to adapt to the reality that was imposed after the surgery that left him without any teeth. The teenager, who has a mental disability, according to the father, caused by problems during labor, stopped going to school and had to replace the normal diet of liquids.

"I'm just eating soup," he said yesterday morning to PEOPLE. The return to school in the Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children (Handicapped), according to him, is being delayed due to treatment. But despite the unexpected changes, Caesar is optimistic that smile again and lead a normal life. "I'm more relaxed," said the boy.

A resident of Fern (DF), he had the teeth pulled out in a surgery performed on Sept. 24 by the dentist Wilson Oliveira Santos, at the Hospital Regional da Asa Norte (Hrani), Brasilia (DF). With two wisdom teeth affected by decay, the teenager should have just had these teeth extracted. But the waking up, he realized that his teeth had been removed 28. "When I woke up with no teeth and I was nervous," said Cesar, who only met the dentist on the day of operation.

Wide mobilization to solve case

Cesar Oliveira Ferreira, 17, said the dentist Wilson Oliveira Santos claimed that the patient had a "pathology" to justify radical surgery. The case went to the police, the Regional Council of Dentistry of the Federal District (DF-CRO) and mobilized the Federal District Governor Jose Roberto Arruda.

After visiting the family of a teenager last week, the governor said the state is responsible for repairing the damage done and investigate, punish those responsible. A team of Health Department of the DF is responsible for dealing with Caesar. Councillors CRO-DF are also following the service guy.

"He's taking care of very skilled professionals," said Alfredo Ferreira Vieira, Cesar's father, confident in the successful treatment of the child. In the coming days, Caesar must undergo a CT scan. The chairman of CRO-DF, Julius Caesar, all features of dentistry will be used to recover the oral health of adolescents. A resource may be the implantation of 26 of 28 teeth extracted.

Delegate if that clears heard witnesses

Yesterday morning, Alfredo Ferreira Vieira and Maria Oliveira Aldenora, parents of Cesar Oliveira Ferreira, were at the Police Precinct 5 of the Federal District (DF), which clears the case. The delegate Laertius Rossetto heard some witnesses. He said the date of the testimony of the dentist Wilson Oliveira Santos has not been set. The delegate informed the press that the dentist can respond to criminal prosecution for very serious injury.

Wilson Oliveira Santos may suffer a punishment, and ethical and professional until you have revoked the right to pursue dentistry. The Regional Council of Dentistry of the Federal District (DF-CRO) is investigating whether there was failure to conduct. "It's a professional respect that has been operating for over 10 years in the Department of Health and has full right of defense," said the president of the CRO-DF

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