Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The missing teeth hurt? yes, it can even kill!

Yes, the lack of one or more teeth leads to an imbalance around the bite and the muscles of the neighboring regions, causing a loss aesthetic aspect of aging, mainly cause chewing problems and pain in the jaw joint.

The chance of a person die of gastrointestinal cancer, heart disease or cerebrovascular accident (stroke) is higher among those who have lost one or more teeth, say researchers from the National Cancer Institute in the United States.

After studying a representative sample of the Asian populationthe researchers found that people whoseteeth had been compromised by the loss of teeth suffered more with cancers and other causes of death than the rest of the group.

Writing in the latest issue of International Journal of Epidemiology, the authors add that the discovery was not restricted to smokers, as some scientists had expected, but extended to the entire population.

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