Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dental implant surgery without cutting

Over many years dentistry has evolved, however it was not disseminated to a large population. Examples are dental implants to "immediate loading" (returns of teeth within 72 hours), which today can be made even without cuts.
The dental implant surgeries have evolved a lot, have to be smaller, faster and extremely predictable. What is most modern is the procedure of implant placement without the use of the scalpel, or uncut.
Drawing a parallel with medicine, it is very common to be made by video surgery (laparoscopy), thereby decreasing the incision and consequently a faster post-operative and painless. Dentistry does not use a laparoscope, but followed the trend by bringing the uncut implant surgery (keyhole surgery).
The keyhole surgery is that where a guide is tailor-made through a planning computer. This surgical guide is the cornerstone in the planning of implant placement in the correct position without requiring the surgeon make the incision to visualize the bone tissue.
In the conventional technique is made an incision from one side to another of the maxilla and / or to expose the jaw bone, to receive dental implants. In keyhole surgery is not necessary this incision, hence the name "surgery without cuts." How is this possible?
The patient has a CT scan and digital, with a specific computer program to visualize bone and make the placement of implants in place, virtually all of this.
Surgery performed virtually the program generates a file, and this is sent to a company that fabricate the surgical guide, obtained by this prototype, widely used in industry.
With book in hand, it is stabilized in the oral cavity and starts to surgery. This guide comes with holes in its surface, and these are the exact positions that should be placed implants. It is a minimally invasive surgery and almost no bleeding and a postoperative much more comfortable.
All these advances are great benefits to patients because we can combine the keyhole surgery, ie, without cuts, with the load immediate return of the teeth in just 72 hours. No pain and quick return of the teeth are the characteristics of strong treatments.

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