Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recovery after surgery at the dental implant

There are many complaints from patients and the reasons for complaint is with dentists after tooth extractions.
Whether by pain during the extraction, or even in the postoperative period and there has come more factors into account.
There are certain precautions should be taken into account and must be fulfilled to the letter to avoid problems and complications and they amaze me ... The majority of patients fail to comply.

Among them, we can mention:

- Keep the compress in the extraction site at least 30 to 40 minutes. It depends from person to person ... (It is quite common once the patient leaves the clinic immediately pour the dressing out soon ... Big mistake!)
- Do not suck blood or mouthwash during the first 24 hours. (It is almost 100% sure that the patient will get home and will rinse your mouth out all the blood and "cleanse" the area. Nothing wrong, is only to remove the clot and cause bleeding does not stop or take longer to clot that area)
- No smoking. Not only because tobacco delay healing but also because the act of smoking is sucking and as such ... View previous advice! (Smoking is smoking, smoking will soon following tooth extraction, almost 75% sure!)
- Place ice during the first 24 hours of ice ... 15min 10min interval at least.
- Do not lie down after surgery or do much physical effort or lower his head to aid in clotting. (There are rare patients who lie just barely home and agree with the pad full of blood.)
- On the day of surgery or operation and the next, sleeping with a high cushion, keeping your head above the level of the body.
- Eat foods cold or cold liquids in the early hours, if possible one day. (It helps to reduce swelling and aid in healing)
- In the following days if possible eating liquid or semi-liquid.
- Take medications prescribed by a dentist.
- Maintaining good oral hygiene of the area in the days following the extraction.

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