Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What are the benefits of implants?

Implants can replace the loss of a natural tooth without the need to wear neighboring teeth for the preparation of a fixed prosthesis or removĂ­vel.Em cases of partial dentures, this can be replaced by implants you get,without prejudice or overhead brackets on teeth natural. This allows a considerable increase in the lifetime of these teeth, as there is a better distribution of masticatory loading between teeth and implants.
In addition, due to the fact of the prostheses remained stable in its position, common situations, such as irritation of the gums, pain and insecurity due to lack of stability and retention of partial or full dentures areeliminadas.Para edentulous, the use of implants carries benefits to their quality of life. The "teeth" standardcan sometimes be replaced with prosthetics you stay on implants, or removable prosthesis (overdenture)that have better retention and stability for added comfort and security to its bearer.

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