Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Learn how to have a white smile with dental implants

The dental implant - a technique which involves placing a titanium pin in place of the roots of missing teeth - has several different techniques. However, according to the surgeon Gabriel Lembo, not all teeth whiteningand natural.

He said there are two types of structures for dental prostheses: the metal, known, and zirconia. But what's the difference? "The advantage of one another is aesthetics. This is because the zirconia has colors similarto natural teeth. Zirconia is indicated for the patient who seeks a proximate result of natural teeth. It is used to hearing earlier (front teeth), which aesthetic values​​, "said the expert.

The production structure of zirconia can be made through a computerized system in 3D, which provides greater adaptation of the play. "With technological advancement, we can provide these benefits to patients.From the classic molding made ​​during the consultation, the software scans accurately the physiology of the mouth. Information is delivered to a device that prepares the internal structures of dental prosthesesaccurately, both in size, and format. This ensures a better fit and aesthetics for the patient, besides the standardization of quality "

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